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Magneticlife Ventures Pvt.Ltd. - Term and condition

Company may terminate the agreement with the distributor on ground of any reason which shall not be limited to the following:

  1. On non-compliance with the provisions of the agreement, declaration, etc.. and discipline of the Company.
  2. For reasons of non-performance with the business activities of the company. If the Upline turns out to be non-performer for a period of ten days with 0 (Zero) income, then the distributor can join other Upline. (Terms and conditions apply).
  3. For any unethical or prejudicial work to the interest of the company. For eg. If the distributor has already been assigned a Distributor ID (on basis of Pan Card) and the distributor tries to join any other Cross Line with other Sponsor (on basis of the same Pan Card), then his attempt to create a new ID shall be considered unethical and shall be blocked permanently.
  4. For breach of any term and condition of the agreement and marketing plans. For eg. Swiping to Cross Line and Power Leg is considered to be a breach of marketing plans.
  5. In case information given is found to be misleading/wrong/false
  6. If he/she is found to be convicted on any offence punishable under law for the time being in force.
  7. If he/she is declared bankrupt/insolvent.
  8. If he/she migrates to other country.
  9. Where company deems it necessary to terminate him/her, in the interest of other distributors connected with his/her group/team.
  10. All rights and entitlements as distributor of the Company.
  11. Identification as a distributor of the Company.
  12. Right to go to any Company’s office and attend Companys’s meetings/seminars.
  13. All Company’s trademarks, names, photos, literatures, customer data, etc shall remain the property of the Compny . within 10 days of the termination he/she shall return all articles and infromations that may have handed over to him by the Company. He/she shall cease to use things entrusted to him/her by the Company.